High quality prescription glasses in Telford and surrounding area.

We provide a wide range of fashion frames from £10 upwards to designer frames to suit both you and your pocket.

Free Childrens Frames with NHS voucher
We supply prescription glasses from £50 complete
Fashion prescription sunglasses from £65 complete
Janet Reger Polarized from £115 complete
Our complete care packages include the following contact lenses:

We are proud to supply high quality designer frames including, Jaeger, X-Eyes, Celine Dion, Couture, Prestige Eyewear, Puccini, Paul Costello, Janet Reger, Police, Cocoa Mint, Jenson, Louis Marcel, Serucci, Joia, Murano and Retro.

We have lenses to suit all of your prescription needs.

Giles Opticians we will be happy to help you choose frames to suit both your style and your eye care needs.